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Play Valheim with friends on your own server.
Instant setup. No lag. Free trial.

Create a dedicated server for you and friends

Available 24/7

Minimal Lag

128GB RAM and 8-Core CPUs for optimal performance

2-Day Free Trial

No credit card needed to launch your server

Custom Panel You're in Control

Built from scratch, our custom Valheim server control panel makes it simple to...

Change Game Settings

Modify your Server Name, Password, and World Seed (we recommend IX7JpLYpLd) with ease.

Install Mods

Install and enable Valheim Plus on your server with a single click.

Upload Your World

Already started a world? Upload your .fwl and .db save files directly using our "Upload World" tool.

Loved by Our Customers


4.4 out of 5 stars

Extremely happy customer

One of the best experiences I’ve had with hosted servers. I’ve had exactly two issues that were either resolved or looked into almost immediately. I really enjoy the simple UI for configuring and managing the server. Price point is on par with other providers but the customer service puts them above the rest.

- Jon Michael Perea

Fantastic Customer service

I was having some really concerning issues with my payment not flagging me as having well, paid, and Indifferent Broccoli got back to me within 10 minutes of me posting that i needed help, he fixed my issue no problem and was all around super pleasant. I've been using his services for a while now and he has never been anything but Excellent in his customer service.

- Ben DeVitto

Very happy with experience using…

Very happy with experience using Indifferent Broccoli to play Valheim, server was up and running fast and my gaming group had no issue connecting and playing 24/7. Server dashboard has a simple and clean presentation and all relevant information is easy to find. Billing cost are simple and easy to understand (Unlike some competitors). Already planning to use them again with another game.

- Pete Wilson

Super easy setup and server is stable…

Super easy setup and server is stable during gameplay. Comparable price to any other hosting service. Saw a post on Reddit from the person running the site that gave me confidence in the service.

- Andrew

Quick and easy

Set up a valheim server for me and a few friends and it couldn’t have been easier. Customer service reached out to make sure everything was going smoothly the very next day. Great team and great service.

- Ryan

I tried a few other server places and…

I tried a few other server places and this was the easiest to set up and use as a novice. Free 48 hour trial is what is the best feature!

- Marie

Been with other companies and…

Been with other companies and Indifferent Broccoli 🥦 is 100% the best out there plus the lowest prices too. The support is amazing! So fast to reply and intelligent replies. No robots 🤖

- Douglas Onewithtrials

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  • Quick Setup

    Your server will be automatically deployed minutes after you register.

  • Easy Configuration

    All the information you need in our custom-built control panel.

  • 2-Day Free Trial

    Test your server for 48 hours. No credit card or commitment required.

  • 7 Days to Refund

    If you aren't satisfied with our service, contact support and get your money back.

  • Access Your Files

    Use FTP to install mods or access the server files directly.

  • Quality Hardware

    Our machines have 128GB RAM and 8-Core Intel CPUs to minimize lag while you play.

  • Support Who Understand You

    Real human support (not bots) happy to help over email or Discord.

  • Valheim Plus Mod Compatible

    One-click V+ mod installation.

  • Discord Server Manager Bot

    Manage your Valheim server from Discord with the Indifferent Broccoli Server Manager Bot.

  • Keep Backups Safe

    Store up to ten backup saves on your server.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Renting a dedicated Valheim server allows you to play multiplayer with your friends without needing to worry about server uptime or complex local configuration. You can launch an Indifferent Broccoli Valheim dedicated server with one click. It will be online instantly and available 24/7.

To host a Valheim dedicated server with Indifferent Broccoli, first create an account to start your two-day free trial. Next, wait a couple minutes while your server is initialized. Finally, use your IP address and port to connect directly via Valheim's server browser, or use the Join Server link provided on our dashboard.

Hosting a Valheim server with us costs $14.00 USD per month. We have no other hidden fees.

We have North America servers in California, Texas, Washington DC, and Quebec. Our Europe servers are in Germany.

According to GeekFlare, Indifferent Broccoli is a top-rated server host for Valheim. Other quality server hosts are GPORTAL, Nitrado, Survival Servers, and Bisect Hosting.

Yes. We offer a simple Two-Step Method to upload your world files to your server. You can upload your .fwl and .db files directly from our control panel.

Yes. You can use FTP to download your world files to your local computer. The world files are located in this folder:


If you use FileZilla, use FileZilla Client (not server) and Force Show Hidden Files.

Dedicated Valheim servers typically require 2GB RAM. Do not worry, our machines have 128GB RAM, so you never need to worry about running out of memory.

Install and enable Valheim Plus using our one-click mod installation tool in the Mods section of your control panel.

BepInEx is installed by default when you enable Valheim Plus via our control panel. To add non-Valheim Plus mods, you can use FTP to upload the mod files to your server. Usually, installing the mod on the server involves uploading all the mod files to the /steamcmd/valheim/BepInEx/Plugins folder and then restarting your server from our control panel. However, the exact steps may vary so make sure you read whatever instructions the mod provides. For example, some mods also require client installation.

Hearth and Home, the latest major update for Valheim, is automatically installed when you launch your Indifferent Broccoli Valheim server.

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, and it lets you access the filesystem on your server. You'll need it to install non-Valheim Plus mods, download your world save files, or modify the Valheim Plus configuration file.

You'll need to use an FTP client. We recommend FileZilla.

Once you've installed and opened the FileZilla client, enter the IP, FTP Username, and FTP Password from our control panel and hit QuickConnect. The port will default to 21, which is the correct one.

Valheim is a viking survival crafting and sandbox game created by Iron Gate Studios and published by Coffee Stain Studios. You can craft powerful weapons, build unyielding castles and sail longships towards the horizon to prove yourself to Odin. It is one of the fastest selling Steam games of all time.

Got a question? Shoot us a message at, we're committed to replying within 4 hours.

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