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Game server hosting and rental

Play games with friends on your own server

Indifferent Broccoli brings top-notch computer power to your gaming sessions. We destroy lag, latency, and complexity--letting you focus on the fun stuff. Why rent a dedicated server? So you'll have an always-on world your friends can log in to 24/7. Plus, our customer support team is run by people with no lives, so if any issues arise, we'll respond fast. Super fast. We love our jobs hosting servers. Here's a haiku to prove it:

Game server hosting
Fast RAM, high-speed internet
Eat lag for breakfast

Our prices are fair, and our control panels are simple. Whether you're playing Valheim, 7 Days to Die, or another multiplayer game, Indifferent Broccoli is your best bet for renting high-quality servers. Launch your server with our 2-day free trial today.