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What is Indifferent Broccoli?

Indifferent Broccoli is a game server hosting and rental company. With us, you get top-notch computer power for your gaming sessions. We destroy lag, latency, and complexity--letting you focus on the fun stuff. We love our jobs hosting servers so much, we wrote this haiku to prove it:

Game server hosting
Fast RAM, high-speed internet
Eat lag for breakfast

Indifferent Broccoli

"dare to be indifferent"

Indifferent Viking

"indifferent valheim"

Our History Where we Started

Founded in 2021, Indifferent Broccoli brings a fresh perspective to the world of game server hosting. We're a home for people who relish the creative side of gaming. We started with 7 Days to Die, then added Valheim, then ARK, and we have continued expanding since.

Our Customers

Good server hosting, have had no problems while using it for a Valheim server. Easy setup and could start playing quickly with my friends.

John N.
Valheim Server Customer

Awesome experience. Every time I need help with my server, service is quick and easy. They provide the easiest user interface to setup and mess with your server. ... They also tend to cost the same or less than competitors. Can’t think of a negative thing to say!

Clark D.
7 Days to Die Server Customer

Rankings and Reviews

Why Choose Us?

  • Quick Setup

    Your server will be automatically deployed minutes after you register.

  • Easy Configuration

    Our control panel is custom-built. Configure dozens of options without having to touch the server files.

  • Backups

    Don't lose your meticulously crafted bases! Backup and restore your server from our control panel.

  • FTP Access

    Use FTP to install mods or access the server files directly.

  • Human Support

    Our support staff is run by actual humans. We solve your problems with personality and a positive attitude.

  • 7 Days to Refund

    If you aren't satisfied with our service, contact support and get your money back.

Got a question? Shoot us a message at, we're committed to replying within 4 hours.

Launch Your Server

From $12 / month is a game server hosting and rental company. We are the partner site of and

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