Rustic Homestead (US) | Low Pop | Large Map

Server details

Rustic Homestead (US) | Low Pop | Large Map

Are You looking for a server to build a home on?

Enjoy a large map with a low population?

Want to have a full month to play map?

Rustic Homestead (US) players enjoy

a Low population on a large map with

a full month or more to explore it.

Optional Offline Raid Protection.

Resource stack size increased.

Enhanced Oxums Gas Station.

Server Armour Anti-Cheat.

Donation Store with VIP.

Active Player Rewards.

Community Supported.

Enhanced Safe zones.

Dangerous Treasures.

Night Harvest Bonus.

Discord Integration.

In Game Currency.

Referral Rewards.

Raidable Bases.

Magic Panel UI.

Active Admin.

Rain of Fire.

Air Strikes.


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region: na-central

ip address:

port: 27305