Dango PVE - (Vanilla) - No Kill/Raid

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Dango PVE - (Vanilla) - No Kill/Raid

Vanilla PVE! Active and helpful admins.

Please read the rules before playing in the server.

Looking in boxes, furnaces, or inventories that are not yours will result in a ban.

Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/8S2XdWwvRT

Or click 'View Webpage' to join the Discord server.

Scarecrows active.

Server Rules:

1) No killing players. (Including sleeping players.)

2) No raiding/looting players bases or decaying bases.

3) No trespassing.

4) No stealing from players.

Check the Discord for full rules and FAQ.

Server Perks:

Minicopters don't decay inside.

Server wipes first Thursday of the month.

No BP wipes unless forced by Facepunch.

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6 / 50



region: na

ip address:

port: 27005